Welcome to Speedize!

Track & optimize your Shopify store loading speed. Every second counts.


Every second counts. Shops that load faster convert better. We show how long your shop takes to load for real visitors across the world, helping you optimize and stop losing sales.

Our incredibly easy-to-use app will automatically determine how long each visitor's browser takes to load every page on your shop.

It will then keep track of this data and present it in easily understood reports that update in near-real-time so you can see how your shop is performing.

Why should I care?

  • Research proves that faster stores drive more sales
  • This app lets you see real page speed data from your real visitors

What does it do for me?

  • It stores and analyses real visitors' experiences with every page on your shop
  • We'll highlight pages that need optimization so you can improve their experience

How easy is it to use?

  • We think it's incredibly easy to use; you'll be done in just a couple of clicks
  • There's no changes to your theme, no coding, and no impact on loading times
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